An Extrusion is a process used to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile by pushing material through a die of the desired cross-section. In this blog we will discuss the various shapes, alloys and options available.

Standard Aluminium Extrusion Forms

There are standard aluminium extrusions that come in a variety of sizes off the shelf at most aluminium trade suppliers in South Africa. From round, square and rectangular tubes to solids as well as angles, channels and flat bars to name a few.

Alloys Available

The standard aluminium alloy available for extrusions is 6063-T6 and usually supplied in 6m lengths. Most aluminium stockists will have this off the shelf. However, if you are needing a non-standard alloy or custom length this can be arranged depending on quantity required. From the drawing the mass per metre of the extrusion can be calculated which will determine the number of meters and lengths you will get per metric ton or part thereof. 250kg is usually the minimum requirement per extrusion. Please note alloy surcharges will apply.

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Finishes Available

The standard finish for off the shelf extrusions is mill finish however anodised and powder coated products can be ordered. Minimum order quantities, longer lead times and surcharges will apply. Alternatively, one can buy mill finish lengths and have them powder coated or anodised independently through other service providers.

Custom Dies

If standard aluminium profiles do not suit your application, a custom die can be designed. At Euro Steel we work with the aluminium mills to assist clients with specific designs by first understanding the end product and production methods, then collaborating in the design process of an extrusion. By working together with our customers, the desired product is achieved to meet the customer’s requirements. It is important to optimise extrusion manufacturing efficiencies (cost) and product performance.

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Euro Steel – Stockist and Supplier of Aluminium Extrusions

Euro Steel are official stockists and suppliers of aluminium extrusions and we carry a wide range of stock across our branches. We have great relationships with the local mills and are able to get relatively short lead times for sizes not off the shelf. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements!