At Euro Steel, we have our own in-house large bore pipe manufacturing plant.

We can produce Long Weld Pipe in full 6 meter lengths up to 1700mm diameter (i.e. no circumferential welds) manufactured in accordance with most International Standards & Specifications. As we are one of the largest stockists of plate, we are able to offer short lead times on pipe production.

  • Automated dual arc welding procedure
  • Filler metal welding process
  • In-house hydrostatic testing equipment
  • In-house pickling and passivating
  • In-house X Ray facilities
  • Machine: Davi Pramau, automated welding equipment by Lincoln
  • 12 inches – 68 inches in diameter
  • (325mm – 1700mm)
  • All schedules
  • Wall thickness 4.5mm up to 16mm

Diameter and wall thickness capabilities:

  • 323mm 4.5mm up to 6mm thick
  • 350mm 4.5mm up to 10mm
  • 400mm 4.5mm up to 12mm
  • 500mm 4.5mm up to 12.7mm
  • 600mm – 1700mm 4.5mm up to 16mm
  • Larger than 1700mm rolled only

Euro Steel is a SASOL approved manufacturer and supplier of Large Bore Stainless Steel Pipe and Fittings. For more details on our pipe rolling, please contact us.

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