Euro Steel offers a diverse range of Stainless Steel Decorative Finishes below you will find everything you need to know about these finishes.

Textured and Brushed Decorative Finishes are functional, aesthetically pleasing, durable and inexpensive. Used in a variety of applications from Architectural Shop fronts, hotels, airports, appliances, food processing areas etc. Some textured finishes such as the 5WL and 6WL offer a tough durable scratch resistant surfaces which are ideal for high traffic areas. The use of textured finishes result in increased product life together with lower long term repair costs.

A patterned/textured surface has a reduced contact area, as a result friction problems in food, drink and processing machinery have been solved when using textured metals. The textured stainless steel sheet not only hides dents and scratches, the product is weight saving, breaks up light patterns, aesthetically pleasing and functional all in one. Other finishes such as Ring Polish and No.4 satin are popular as they hide scratches, mask fingerprints and break up light ideal use on tanks, shop fronts, appliances, decorative features etc.

All of these textured metals are of international standards and have a tolerance to ASTM A480m, Chemical to ASTM A240 91A, Mechanical to ASTM A240 91. Test certificates are issued standard with every delivery.

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