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Euro Steel is committed to Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment.

In March 2006 Euro Steel sold a 25.1% stake of its business to the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) group, Isitali Consortium; this was just the beginning…

Imagine if the high hopes Madiba expressed for Africa that day come true……. if just one small part of what he has sought to achieve is translated into reality. Imagine if we live up to just one fraction of the standards he has set for himself, then Africa…and the World, will be a far, far better place.


Imagine people motivated by the significant difference they personally make. Aware that their combined efforts do inspire, create opportunities and set standards, not only in our industry but in our community, our country and our continent.

Imagine people who appreciate and enjoy the benefits of being part of a cooperative group. Exchanging their views, bringing fresh insights and developing strong relationships.

Imagine people in a place that celebrates diversity, a place that encourages and facilitates creativity, where people are encouraged to use initiative and question everything, a place where people are not managed by force or fear, where people understand and embrace the culture of discipline required to be ‘world class.’

Imagine partnering with people, creating exceptional value, causing tremendous leaps in empowerment, performance and effectiveness, an essential part of something internationally recognised as the solutions provider for specialised metals.

Just imagine……………….Euro Steel

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