Textured and Brushed Decorative Finishes are functional, aesthetically pleasing, durable and inexpensive.

Used in a variety of applications from architectural shop fronts, hotels, airports areas etc. Some textured finishes such as the 5WL and 6WL offer a tough durable scratch resistant surfaces which is ideal for high traffic areas. The use of textured finishes result in increased product life together with lower long term repair costs. Other finishes such as Ring Polish and No.4 satin are popular as they hide scratches, mask finger prints and break up light ideal use on shop fronts, decorative features etc.

Aluminium decorative finishes are economical, lightweight and easy to install. Euro Steel offers various aluminium decorative finishes.Readily available in the following sizes; 2500 x 1250, 3000 x 1250, and 3000 x 1500. Most common alloys are 1050, other alloys are available on request.

The following decorative finishes are the most popular and commonly available:

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